Yvonne Westermaier

PM I Project Manager

    Dr.Westermaier is Project Manager at NBD where she carries out a range of molecular modelling projects for academic collaborations and industry clients. Previously, she worked as a Molecular Modeller at the French pharmaceutical company Servier (2015-2018) after several Post-Docs (2011-2015) at the Universities of Barcelona, York (in collaboration with Vernalis Ltd.), and Geneva.

    During her PhD at the University of Geneva, she worked on in silico pharmacology applied to drug discovery. She holds a trinational engineer’s degree in biotechnology from the Upper Rhine Universities as well as a Diplômed’ÉtudesApprofondies (DEA) in molecular and cellular biology from the Université Louis Pasteur I (Strasbourg).

    Dr.Westermaier has published eight peer-reviewed articles, a book chapter, and two patents. She received a Torres Quevedo grant from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, a grant from the Novartis Foundation for Biomedical Research, and two grants from the Swiss National Science Foundation.