Thanks to its industrial experience, academic excellence and innovative technologies, our team is achieving an extraordinary success rate in its various collaborations.

NBD Nostrum Biodiscovery I Drug Discovery Company

    Mission and Vision

    NBD | Nostrum Biodiscovery is a biotechnological company, which creates drug discovery projects based on completely new mechanisms of action leading to the generation of first-in-class drug candidates.

    NBD uses its own proprietary simulation technologies with structure-based simulations, artificial intelligence algorithms, and supercomputing capacity to speed up, increasing the success ratio, and profitability of the drug design process.

    If you are an Investor

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NBD Business Model

The business model of the company will be based on two different branches that will alternate the high & moderate risk and that will also contain different ROI scenarios.

On one hand, NBD represents a stable platform that collaborates with pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as CROs through the commercialization of CADD-based services.

On the other, a parallel activity has been developed focused on the generation of spinouts from NBD in association with client companies, public research institutions and/or VCs. NBD's spinout basis comes from the IP generated by a novel drug discovery built up from scratch based on a completely new mechanism of action.

This dual system aims to boost the business profitability of the core company, which generates stable revenues from CADD services and a high-risk & long-term expected income from the out-licensing of the projects or through the acquisition of the parent spinouts by third party companies.

The duality of this model will promote an increase in the success ratio of the spinouts, enabling them to find a specific and independent investor profile that matches with their activity and related therapeutic area, while creating a multiplier effect of the share valuation of NBD.

NBD Milestones

Some of NBD clients

NBD Customers


  • CROs: 20%
  • Pharmaceutical companies: 40%
  • Biotechs: 40%

Investment Contact

Robert Soliva

CSO & Interim CEO


The proprietary technologies of NBD (ED/MD and PELE) were developed by Prof. Modesto Orozco and Dr. Víctor Guallar and their respective teams at the Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona (IRB Barcelona) and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center - National Center of Supercomputing (BSC-CNS), with the support of the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation of the University of Barcelona and the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA). Thanks to a collaborative technology transfer system, these technologies are under continuous improvement and expansion, which enables them to be adapted to new drug discovery paradigms.


Leitat Technological Center has licensed ChemistriX to NBD, a private database of 1M compounds to perform virtual screenings in a completely new chemical space not covered by commercial catalogs.


NBD uses the Schrödinger's suite to carry out computational tasks such as pharmacophore-based screening, pharmacophore perception, rigid docking (Glide), 2D/3D similarity studies and virtual screening.

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