Innovative Technologies

Our competitive advantage relies on our proprietary softwares that combine supercomputing, along with AI and all-atom simulation methods. Used in synergy with best-of-market software, we propose optimized solutions for industrial needs in molecular modeling.

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Experts in Biomolecules

Applying our top-notch academic and industrial research & development expertise in molecular modeling, NBD provides tailored, flexible and confidential services for its pharma and biotech clients to overcome their early discovery bottlenecks.

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Drug Discovery Projects

From oncology to CNS pathologies and rare diseases, we are leading drug design projects with academic partners based on new MoAs aiming to generate first-in-class candidates. The first resulting patent applications are currently being filed at the EPO.

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Dedication and Ethics

Our scientific standards have gained the trust of several public institutions that funded the company from its start by transferring outstanding basic research technologies that have been implemented into industrial tools for top notch Drug Discovery projects.

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Nostrum Biodiscovery presents "One step closer" Project

The project is a joint effort by the Asdent association, Vall d' Hebrón Institute of Research and Nostrum Biodiscovery. Its goal is to study the molecular basis of this ultra-rare disease, which might eventually lead to the discovery of a potential cure.

ASTRAZENECA accelerate PAR2 drug discovery using PELE

AstraZeneca in collaboration with Heptares Therapeutic, has made significant progress with the new target called PAR2.

NBD I Nostrum Biodiscovery sponsors ISQBP meeting

The ISQBP President’s meeting is held every two years acting as a gathering point point for the community working on molecular simulations of biomolecular systems.

About Us

NBD scientific team has successfully transferred outstanding basic research technologies that have been implemented into industrial tools with direct impact in top notch Drug Discovery projects.

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