Emiliana Doria

PM I Project Manager

    Dr.D’Oria obtained her Bachelor degree in Chemistry at the University of Bologna (Italy) and then she moved to Spain where she obtained her PhD in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modeling at the University of Barcelona (UB). She then moved to the UK as a Research Assistant at the University College of London (UCL), where she focused her research in the prediction of drug’s crystalline polymorphs.

    After a postdoctoral stage of two years, she was hired by the University of Barcelona as an Assistant Professor, where she is active ever since. In year 2012, she started her career in the private sector transferring her advanced molecular modeling skills and biasing her interests towards biological systems.

    She was first hired by Intelligent Pharma, a company based at the Barcelona Science Park and focused in drug discovery. At Intelligent Pharma she accumulated 6 years of experience in the computational drug discovery services for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and institutions, she also worked as project manager. She joined NBD in October 2019.