NBD I Nostrum Biodiscovery Team

NBD scientists have ample experience in structure-based methods applied in drug discovery projects.

Our Team

Robert Soliva

CSO & Interim CEO

Ezequiel Mas del Molino

COO I Chief Operating Officer

Gerard Santiago

SM I Scientific Manager

Lucía Díaz

SM I Scientific Manager

Suwipa Saen-Oon

PM I Project Manager

Yvonne Westermaier

PM I Project Manager

Emiliana Doria

PM I Project Manager

Daniel Soler

IT Manager

Labor & fiscal counsel


Our Founders


Modesto Orozco I Co-Founder

Full Professor at UB and group leader of the IRN at IRB. ERC Advanced Grant recipient.

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Victor Guallar I Co-Founder

ICREA Professor and group leader of the EAPM at BSC. ERC Advanced Grant recipient.

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Scientific Advisory Board

    Xavier Bartrolí

    Over 30 years of industry experience in drug discovery with multiple new chemical entities placed in clinical trials and approved on the market. Co-founder of Palau Pharma.

    Joan Albertí

    Over 15 years of research experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry supporting drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics in drug discovery and development. Adjunct professor at the UB and UPF.

    Rebecca Wade

    Professor of Computational Structural Biology at the Center for Molecular Biology at Heidelberg University (ZMBH) and leads the Molecular and Cellular Modeling group at Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS).

    Andrea Cavalli

    Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Bologna, Director of Computational & Chemical Biology and Deputy Director for Computational Sciences at the IIT (Genova)

    Emilio Díez

    Senior pharmaceutical R&D scientist with over 25 years’ experience in leading multi-disciplinary international research teams spanning target identification to clinical candidate selection.

Why choose us?

  1. Biomolecular Modelling

    NBD scientific founders have developped cutting-edge technologies they have been successful to transfer to the private market. Combining these with best-of-market modelling software, they can propose unique, tailored and flexible services to their growing list of clients.

  2. Our Drug Discovery

    In addition to services in drug design & enzyme engineering projects, NBD is also leading a wide range of DD projects, ranging from cancer to schizophrenia and rare diseases. Some patents resulting from these Drug Discovery projects are currently being filed.

  3. Dedication & Ethics

    NBD scientifc founders are passionate about what they do, and leaders in their respective fields. Their top-notch scientific standards have gained the trust of public institutions that have funded their tech transfer to the market, and are already getting returns. In addition, NBD focuses on promoting gender equality.